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Install an on-premise instance of Graphical Networks netTerrain

Updated: May 3, 2021

LambertLX is a Graphical Networks ( partner for Australia and certain Asia-Pacific countries. Graphical Networks makes the netTerrain software suite, which is used by organisations of all sizes and across all verticals, for IT documentation. netTerrain provides an automated, multiple-user, concurrent, graphical and centralised way to manage Networks. Depending on what you need to document, you can choose from one of netTerrain’s two options: DCIM (Data Centre Infrastructure Management) and Network documentation. Using the physical and logical views in netTerrain’s detailed Network diagrams, you can track equipment and power, cable and circuits, inventory and assets, and the Outside Plant. As netTerrain can import data from a variety of data sources (including existing and diverse systems), it’s easy to quickly gain insights and efficiently manage and document the Network. netTerrain is available in the Cloud as well as installed on a server within your organisation, or on premise, in this blog, we’ll discuss netTerrain’s on-premise option. What do you need for the on-premise version of netTerrain*? *netTerrain runs on the Windows platform

  1. netTerrain installer exe

  2. netTerrain License key

  3. Images archive – this is provided along with the installer and contains images of all the Nodes

  4. netTerrain Installation guide pdf

  5. MS SQL Server 2012 – 2019 Standard or Enterprise Edition

  6. MS IIS 8.0 or better (MS IIS 7.0 worked for me)

How do you install netTerrain?

Step 1: Open the netTerrain Installation guide pdf. Keep this document handy as, chances are, you are going to need to refer to this document (all the important bits of information you need are clearly mentioned in the installation guide). Don’t worry: this guide is fairly easy to read without a ton of excess information.

Step 2: Start MS IIS on your MS Windows system if it is not already enabled. This is easy to do: just navigate to Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off and just check the box for Internet Information Services. Next, click OK and restart the computer to apply the changes. Job done!

Step 3: Install MS SQL Server on your server. Use SQL Server Configuration Manager to confirm SQL Server Services are running.

Step 4: Run the netTerrain installer by right-clicking on the installation file to ‘Run as Administrator’. Provide the IIS Site name and database name when prompted. I chose ‘vis86’ for both. If you make a mistake start again and provide a new name for the site and database when prompted.

Step 5: Start netTerrain for the first time and add your license key. The netTerrain login url will be similar to http://localhost/vis86. Use the default credentials (provided in the installation guide) to log in.

That’s it. Happy documenting!

__________________________ If you’d rather use netTerrain in the Cloud, watch out for my upcoming blog on starting up a Cloud instance on

Watch these videos to learn more about netTerrain:

Learn about netTerrain Logical (

Learn about netTerrain DCIM (

Learn about netTerrain OSP (

If you have any pain points with how your organisation currently manages Network diagrams, Data Center or Outside Plant infrastructure and have questions on how netTerrain can make your life easier don’t hesitate to contact me at We are here to help!

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