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What is Dynamic Network Documentation?

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

netTerrain (LambertLX is a proud netTerrain partner throughout Australia and certain Asia-Pacific countries), is an IT documentation software suite that can be used to document and map networks, data centers, and outside plant/fiber. If you need network documentation, chances are that you need dynamic network documentation. What is Static Network Documentation? Dynamic? Yes. It’s likely that you already have ‘static’ network documentation such as Visio diagrams and spreadsheets that are all but impossible to keep current. Static documentation stagnates until you manually update it. Static network documentation is anything you have to do by hand: it’s time-consuming, usually outdated, and doesn’t do you a whole lot of good when you need to view a diagram that reflects the current state of the network. What is Dynamic Network Documentation? Dynamic documentation is documentation that reflects the state of your real-time IT infrastructure. That change you made yesterday, for example? It will be reflected in dynamic network documentation/diagrams the next time you need information. What is a Dynamic Network Documentation Tool? Dynamic network documentation tools provide detailed views like those you would get with a drawing tool with automation. netTerrain is a dynamic network documentation tool. netTerrain’s dynamic network diagrams allow you to get as much, or as little, detail as you need. You can visualize your network in a top-down hierarchy: view the global level, the street level, the building level, the room level, and zoom all the way down to your connections and the port level. With netTerrain, it’s easy to view past troubleshooting records to see what has worked (and what hasn’t), who’s working on what, get vendor license information, patch information, anore. Of course, you don’t have to load every last detail into netTerrain, but you do have the option, whether you want to do it all at once or go slowly.

Example of an application view in netTerrain

Automatic Network Discovery is Key to Dynamic Network Documentation netTerrain’s automatic discovery helps you get a great deal of documentation done quickly, without manual data entry. The ability to go out and automatically discover what you have is key to dynamic network documentation. Afterall, your documentation can only stay dynamic if it is easy: being able to automatically discover what you have on the network is key. With netTerrain, you can schedule regular discovery and updates (and/or discover/update whenever needed) to go out and discover new equipment and changes. netTerrain’s discovery engine works by updating data points and then refreshing the documentation and diagrams held in netTerrain. In conclusion, if static network documentation and static diagrams are not giving you the insights you need to troubleshoot, reduce IT costs, and/or resolve inefficiency issues, dynamic network documentation software, such as netTerrain, can help. The team at LambertLX is here to help: please click here ( to discuss. We are glad to answer your questions as to how netTerrain may be able to solve your current pain points — whether it’s the data center, the network, or your outside plant and fiber.


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