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DCIM & Managing Your Racks

netTerrain is software for documenting and visualizing IT infrastructures. It’s available in two versions: netTerrain Logical and DCIM with an add-on module for documenting the outside plant. Prospective customers who are interested in netTerrain frequently would like to better understand the differences between the two versions. So, what is it? Ultimately, the main difference between netTerrain Logical and netTerrain DCIM is racks. netTerrain DCIM contains all of the capabilities of netTerrain Logical with some additional features that may (or may not be) useful.

netTerrain DCIM enables its users to visualize and track telecom and data center racks (and the equipment within them). Visualization of racks helps managers plan space, manage capacity, and cabling. Having racks doesn’t necessarily mean that you need the capabilities of netTerrain DCIM. It’s possible you only require netTerrain Logical’s network topology diagrams. To determine if you need netTerrain DCIM, decide if you have enough pain points that you need resolved. For example, are you struggling with undersubscribed racks and power issues that are costing too much money? Do you have issues with zombie servers and assets that are unutilized or underutilized? Ever want to pick up a Magic 8 ball when you need to put down a new server? Let’s dive in a bit and look at the additional capabilities in netTerrain DCIM: Rack Diagrams It’s easy to snap your devices in to the racks. You can easily choose from one of the 200 rack types in netTerrain’s catalogue and you can then snap your devices into the rack. From there, you can view the front and back of the rack.

netTerrain DCIM Rack view front and back
DCIM Rack view front and back

Data Center Capacity Dashboard Reports Capacity dashboard reports provide information such as name-plate power and real-time power monitoring, rack space utilization, and weight availability.

netTerrain DCIM Rack Capacity Dashboard
Rack Capacity Dashboard

Change Management netTerrain DCIM allows you to create work orders that include owners, status values, and due dates so that it’s easier to keep track of data center changes. Power Monitoring netTerrain DCIM includes environmental, or power monitoring. This gives you real-time power control and includes a dashboard console. Whether you need to manage racks or not, we can help. netTerrain is a scalable platform and it’s possible for you to begin with just netTerrain Logical and add on a license for netTerrain DCIM when you finally do have enough pain to warrant netTerrain DCIM.

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